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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners are in high demand for the foreseeable future and are desperately needed to aid our nation’s current mental health crisis. A shortage of qualified clinicians exists. The PMHNP role is unique in the sense that this specialty APRN can uniquely appreciate and address how one’s mental health impacts one’s physical health and vice versa.  The goal of integrating behavioral health care into primary care will only further stretch the demand of this nursing profession.A strong support network surely makes the role feel less daunting, more valued and supported. To start we have the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. This group is the #1 resource for psychiatric nursing and has a robust membership of 10,000 plus nurses. The APNA publishes the Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association which is a must read for anyone in this profession.Want to start your own practice? Kymberli Zeno breaks it down for you in simple steps.Starting a blog? The Nerdy Nurse has you covered. This site is geared towards the registered nurse. It contains a great resource for nurses learning to blog and who desire to connect and build a larger audience. Looking for more ideas on how to grow a business as an APRN?  Barbara Phillips GNP has you covered. Barbara has been at this for a while and has perfected a blueprint of how to start your business. Her blog  offers free tips for the solo entrepreneur.

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